Hello! My name is Ashley, I am a 32-year-old crazy cat lady with a purpose. My heart grows two sizes for just about any animal, but I have a very special place in my heart for cats. My vision and ultimate goal is to create a comfortable space where people and cats can share wonderful meowmeries.

Taiwan opened its doors to the worlds first cat cafe in 1998. Japan has taken the concept and garnered worldwide attention. Cat cafes have taken Japan by storm! They have a running total of 58 cat cafes and counting. France, Austria, Belgium, India, Scotland, the United Kingdom, and in 2014 the United States opened its doors to the first cat cafe. There are about 12 cat cafes currently in the US. My goal is to be the first Cat Cafe in North East Ohio.



What is a cat cafe?

It is a place where you can hang out with cool adoptable cats enjoy their company with bakery treats and some coffee. Once the cat cafe is open there will be events such as; cat yoga, painting with cats, coloring with cats, and bingo with cats. I will partner with a local bakery to provide yummy treats, and a local cat shelter to provide cats a temporary lovable safe home where we can all enjoy their company.


Why a cat cafe?

I want to bring awareness to cat homelessness. According to the ASPCA, an estimated 860,000 cats are euthanized every year. The ultimate goal is to create an environment that is conducive to the most successful cat adoption and home as many cats as possible.

When you visit an adoption agency cats are usually in a cage, and often times we don’t get a chance to see their true personalities shine.
Cats are so unpredictable. They can be, funny, sweet, sassy, and they come in so many shapes, sizes, and every cat is so unique. A cat cafe will take most of the guesswork out and give you the opportunity to pick the right kitty for your family the first time around.

I believe if cats have free rein in an area where they feel safe, loved and happy, it will be so much easier for you and the kitty to decide how purrfect of a fit you two are for each other.

Not interested in adopting a cat? No problem! They are okay with stealing a few pets from anyone willing to give it.
A cat cafe will also be available to those who love cats, but due to a situation cannot own them. You can come and hang out with us for an hour or all day! We don’t mind being your guilty purrleasure for a moment.

The picture is from the ASPCA website.